christmas memories

Around this time of the year I always think about traditions and the special meaning each one has for everyone. This year will be my husband and my fourth Christmas as “The Colwins”. Each year we seem to bring together memories and traditions of our past to create our own. As I reflect on these things, it always seems to bring me back to my first Christmas ever.

It was 1996. My family and I had just immigrated to America barely 6 months before. Christmas isn’t the number one holiday in Vietnam, so we had never celebrated it before. Well, this was our first year. I remembered my mom let my sisters and me pick up a barely 6 inch faux Christmas tree from a secondhand store. We were pretty excited about it. We had placed it on our desk in the living room and even finished off by adding our toys around it, pretending they were presents like the many Christmas scene pictures we’ve seen. I'm quite certain my mom had a tinge of pity on us, as you can image the reality of what it looked like - our toys around this very tiny, used Christmas tree. 

I remember it so vividly how, shortly after this, my sisters and I came home from school to find a 6 foot Christmas tree in our living room! It was decorated with all kinds of ornaments like little ballerinas and orbs with intricate designs, and bows and ribbons wrapped from top to bottom! There were even presents! Real presents that were tucked under the tree. Each one wrapped so beautifully by my mom’s hands. (My love of wrapping presents came out of memories of my mom wrapping them.) You can imagine the shrills of excitement that we had upon this sight. We must have examined every inch of that tree and shook each present. These memories are so precious and dear to me, and even more so with each pasting year. 

When I had it in mind of creating my first Christmas Collection, these were the memories that inspired me. Ornaments of intricate designs and the sense of nostalgia that makes you feel like home. I think about the presents wrapped and finished with tags letting me know that this present was for me. I hope that these items and this season will bring you lots of joy and warmth of past Christmases, as they do to me! 

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