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I'd like to start off by introducing myself to those of you who may be new to me and my work. My name is Tram Colwin. I'm an artist based in the beautiful town of Fayetteville, Arkansas, nestled in the Northwest corner of the state. I live here with my husband, Charlie, and our pup, Finn. I work with many art mediums, but I'm mostly known for my work with watercolor. When I'm not in my studio, I enjoy spending my time with my family or exploring the outdoors.

I'm thrilled to take you on this Creative Studio Tour! This virtual tour will take you to 5 studios of 5 different artists: Beverly Gurganus, Christina Keith, Margaret Sheldon, Beth Welch, and myself, Tram Colwin. At this stop, I'll be sharing my creative space with you, along with some of my favorite and essential tools for my art and business! I'll be answering some of my frequently asked questions, but if there's something I may have overlooked, feel free to drop your question in the comment section below!

Also, before I begin, there's a giveaway opportunity waiting for you at the end of this post! So read on! :)

In my studio, each side of the room has a particular purpose for either creating art or running my business. Being a multimedia artist, one of the things I love most about my studio is having designated spaces to create my work. When you step into my studio, the first area you'll see is where I paint in acrylics. The floor is covered with a hardboard panel, allowing me to make a mess without worrying about the carpet. I have a studio floor easel, which I love because of how easy it is to adjust for different size canvases. Next to this is my handy utility cart from IKEA to keeps my painting tools within reach.  


Next to my easel and acrylics area I have my display shelves. This display is what I often get the most comments and questions on. I designed the display and had my husband, Charlie, build it for me. My favorite thing about it is the many functions it offers. With limited space in my studio, I need furniture that has a small footprint and makes the most out of vertical space. My display does just that! The peg boards are, of course, adjustable, allowing me to change up the shelving to stay inspired. It also creates a great backdrop to take photos of my work. Behind the curtains are additional shelving to store supplies. It provides quick access to frequently used tools, while avoiding clutter when things aren't in use. Since we built the unit to be taken apart and reassembled quickly and easily, it also functions as my booth for craft shows and events! 

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To the right of my display, by the window, sits my desk. This is where a good majority of my art and business happens; from watercolor painting, to emails, to fulfilling orders. If you're like me, you need lots of space to work. This desk is plenty big, giving me extra room to spread out all of my tools and supplies, such as my watercolor block, palette, and paints. It is a very simple design, made up of two IKEA drawers with a custom tabletop (also built by Charlie). I love the fact that it sits by the window, which, as Anne of Green Gables would say, "allows scope of the imagination". :) 


Finally, the last part of my studio is my supply closet. It may seem uninteresting to many people, but the items housed within it really help me to create my work and run my business. On the right side is a shelf where I store my shipping supplies, such a packaging boxes, clear sleeves and mailers. It's also where I keep my art supplies, like my favorite Arches Watercolor block, Holbein Artists' watercolor tubes, pallets, and brushes such as Princeton or Winsor & Newton.  In the left closet are the tools that allow me to digitalize and print my work. I use an Epson Perfection scanner to create high-quality scans of my artwork, and all of my archival prints are printed in-house with my Epson SureColor printer. Learning the ins and outs of creating professional quality prints was a bit challenging, but worth it to ensure that I am offering the best quality prints possible to my customers and clients.

And that completes the tour of my studio! I hope it has given you a little insight into my creative work. I feel very blessed to have a space dedicated to my work. It makes such a difference in my focus and production to have it. Thank you for stopping by and letting me share this special space with you! 

Now, as promised, I also want to tell you about the giveaway we are doing in connection out studio tours, and how you can enter to win! Beverly, Christina, Margaret, Beth, and I have put together a selection of some of our favorite art supplies and gifts to give to one lucky winner, and it's valued over $250! To enter, follow the steps below! 


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Beverly Gurganus

Christina Keith

Margaret Sheldon

Beth Welch

Entry will be closed Wednesday, August 22nd and the winner will be announced on Friday, August 24th. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

Enjoy and good luck! 

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