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Hi friends, I would like to introduce you to my dear friend, Sarah. I asked Sarah to share her family's adoption journey with you today. If you would like to play a part in their journey, I'm hosting a fundraise for them start Friday, May 18th through Monday, May 22nd. Click HERE to learn more.


Tram and I met in 2007 at Oklahoma Baptist University, but really solidified our friendship on a road trip to Colorado our sophomore year. I’ve always admired Tram’s talent as well as her intentional friendship and missional spirit. Tram was there at our wedding when Jay and I started our adventure together 7 years ago.

When Jay and I first thought about starting our family, we knew we wanted to adopt “someday” but didn’t have any reason to make that secondary to trying for biological children. We wanted to adopt- 1) because God adopted us into His family and through Jesus changing our messy hearts we get to be a part of stuff that God is about, and 2) we want to be an option for a birth mama in crisis again, facing her hardest decision of her life and needing options. So we jumped into the adoption process in 2014 and Jeremiah joined our family in 2016 at three days old. We LOVE his birth mama and email with her often. 


We knew that this was not the end of the story with adoption. So we started the process for baby two right around Jeremiah’s first birthday. We were quickly matched with a birth mama in Arizona due the next spring with a little boy. We built a relationship with this mama for over 6 months of her pregnancy. When it was time for her to deliver, we flew out to Arizona and hung out with her multiple times over three weeks of waiting. When the time came we realizing she had suddenly changed her mind and no longer needed an adoption plan. We were obviously heartbroken by the sudden change. But while we didn’t end up getting to parent this baby boy, we did get to care for this birth mama for these months, giving her the opportunity for prenatal care and case management services.

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Though we are now lacking several thousand dollars, we feel that being a part of his little life in this way was an honor. In order to move forward to adopt again, we must once again fundraise to be able to care for a brave birth mama facing the hardest decision of her life, as well as to cover legal fees and court cost associated with an adoption. 


Ever since I’ve known Tram her talent has amazed me! I am so thankful for her willingness to use her talent to help join us in this journey of adopting. Her portraits are simply stunning. Your great-grandkids would be thankful you took a chance to win one of Tram’s portraits. They are timeless, elegant, and would be a gift to generations to come. 


**All proceeds go directly to adoption expenses through our licensed 501(c)3 agency. 

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