keywood adoption fundraiser

Meet my friends, the Keywoods: Jay, Sarah, and Jeremiah. 

The Keywoods. Jay, Sarah, and Jeremiah.

The Keywoods. Jay, Sarah, and Jeremiah.

This fundraiser is now closed. Thank you so much to those who participated! We raised the total of $360 to go towards the Keywood's adoption! 

Two participants will be randomly selected to win an 8"x10" custom commissioned art by me! Winners will be announced Friday, May 25th!

Meet the Keywoods and learn more about their story below. 

Jay and Sarah wanted to start a family in 2014. Being called to adopt, they began their adoption journey that brought a handsome baby boy, Jeremiah, into their family in 2016! But that wasn't the end in the journey for this little family. Shortly after Jeremiah's first birthday, the Keywoods once again embarked on the road to adopting their second baby. They were quickly matched with a birth mom through their non-profit adoption agency. 

When the time came to the arrival of the baby, their plans were suddenly changed when the birth mom decided to keep the baby. Heartbroken, but still called to adopt, they are once again fundraising in hopes of bringing another baby into their family!

Read their journey in Sarah's own words, over on my blog